Sunday, October 9, 2011

Meet Me:

I decided to start a blog as a way to express the thing that gets me most excited in life: clothes. If Anthropologie and J.Crew had a daughter they would look a little something like my closet. I like to think of my style as somewhere in between preppy and urban. I wear mostly neutral colors. I love black, grey, cream, taupe, and brown. My outfits are usually neutral based with a pop of color and filled with accessories. Some of my favorite color poppers as of right now are teal, tangerine, salmon, royal blue, mustard and fuchsia. And of course an outfit is not complete without the proper accessories. I love watches and bangles and rings of all shapes and sizes. However they must be gold! I love gold. Gold is timeless, classy, and never fails to make an outfit stand out.
These are a few things I consider when picking an outfit. I will be posting once a week so feel free to follow me!

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